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Lynne Smith is an interdisciplinary artist and designer pursuing an MFA in Visual Art at Washington University in St. Louis (2024). She received a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Kansas and studied at the Yale University summer program in Brissago, Switzerland. While sustaining professional practices that migrated between design disciplines (visual communication and architecture), she steadfastly nurtured an artistic life for her daughter, which eventually led her to a dedicated art practice of her own. 


Smith follows her curiosity in her engagement with materials and making. She often subverts traditional methods to exercise agency over the systems and structures that limit and confine us and embraces chance, imperfection, and unexpected discoveries through relentless play. Recent explorations draw on the thermochemical processes of the kiln, hack materials from the built environment, and celebrate the tangles, frays, and delightful irregularities that arise when holding hands with fiber to knit or weave.


Every act of making is a physical and meditative labor — a joyful reclamation of time and space. Tactile material artifacts and installations endeavor to foster wonder, beauty, empathy, and humor, or serve as beacons of ingenuity and resilience in an increasingly complex world.


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